Who are we?





Manuela de la Hoz Marín

Manuela de la Hoz Marín

Chief Executive Officer & Founder



Miguel Ángel Armengol de la Hoz

Miguel Ángel Armengol

Technology, Marketing & Internationalization Chief


Juan Manuel Armengol

Juan Manuel Armengol

Human Resources Coordinator



Teresa Armengol



Legal Advisor


Manuela de la Hoz Marín

Maria Martínez Fernández

International Student Exchange Manager





Get to know us

The Spanish School MAESTRO MIGUEL DE LA HOZ, School of Spanish for Speakers of Other Languages (S.S.O.L.) is the branch of the institute of languages in Villacarrillo for the teaching of Spanish. Our school offers a high quality in teaching and services. Our teachers are highly qualified and with many years of experience.


Our centre was founded in 1997. WE BOAST 16 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, DEDICATED TO THE TEACHING IF MODERN LANGUAGES, specially to the teaching of English.


The administration of the centre is run by highly qualified personal with many years of experience, not only as regards to business but also academically.


The teaching Staff, whose mother tongue is Spanish are graduates and qualified as teachers of DELE by Instituto Cervantes.


Our facilities are modern, spacious and equipped in accordance to present day necessities and located in the centre of the town.


We are in the process of becoming DELE center (Instituto Cervantes).



We are a SIELE center (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española.).

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